Working with my own two hands, a minimal colour palette and my fabric stash as my paint box, I create abstract art and functional homewares with textiles. Currently, I make wall-hangings and "paintings" using beautiful natural fabrics such as linen and silk, manipulating but also relinquishing control to the warp and weft.

My work is generally improvised using fabric I have to hand, although my quilts are meticulously designed and calculated - a process of many parts. I am drawn to "traditionally female" methods of creation, favouring texture and a simple modern aesthetic, rooted in traditional techniques. Everything I make is one of a kind with every stitch sewn by me and I believe that every hour spent on a piece shows in the finished article.

An avid researcher, I am largely self-taught.

I heard someone say that there is a freedom in not knowing the rules... I'll go with that.

Thanks for visiting my site, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss commissions, collaborations, exhibiting or stocking my work... 


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